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  1. About
  2. License
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Exit status
  5. How to use

1. About

Weather report written in Bash.

bash-weather gets the computer's public IP address through DynDNS and uses geolocation ( to acquire its current location which is used to get weather condition and forecast from OpenWeatherMap.

2. License

This project is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 3+. For the full license, see LICENSE.

3. Prerequisites

  • OpenWeatherMap API key (
  • Bash shell ≥ 4.2.
  • A terminal with a size of at least 80×22 (80 columns, 22 rows).
  • bc basic calculator for floating point arithmetic. Can be found in the bc package on major Linux distributions.
  • curl command-line tool for getting data using HTTP protocol. cURL can be found in the curl package on major Linux distributions.
  • grep command-line tool used for parsing downloaded XML data. grep can be found in the grep package on major Linux distributions.
  • tput for terminal handling. Can be found in different ncurses packages on Linux distributions (see the table below for major distros).
Distrbution Package name
Arch Linux ncurses
Debian ncurses-bin
Fedora ncurses
openSUSE ncurses-utils
Ubuntu ncurses-bin

4. Exit status

  • 0 bash-weather exited successfully.
  • 1 Missing necessary programs to run bash-weather, or wrong command-line arguments.
  • 2 Too small terminal size (< 80×22).
  • 3 Missing OpenWeatherMap API key.

5. How to use

Get bash-weather

First you have to acquire bash-weather:

git clone

Enter bash-weather's directory:

cd bash-weather

Add your OpenWeatherMap API key to the end of the openweathermap.key file, e.g.

# Add your OpenWeatherMap API key below (

Start bash-weather

Use the Bash interpreter to start the script:


Command-line options

bash-weather can be started with the following command line options:

  • -k Specifies OpenWeatherMap API key from the command-line.
  • -h Prints a simple help to the screen, and exits.
  • -t city_name Sets the city for manual weather lookup.
  • -c country_code Sets the country for manual weather lookup.
  • -f Enables colored output.

Note: If the OpenWeatherMap API key is specified from the command-line, it will override the API key set in the openweathermap.key file.


Get the current weather in Las Vegas:

bash -t "Las Vegas" -c US

Note: don't forget to enclose city names that consist of more than one word within quotes.

Get the current weather in London:

bash -t London -c UK

Get the current weather at your current location by specifying the OpenWeatherMap API key from the command-line:

bash -k 0123dummy456key789

Get the current weather in Christchurch, New Zealand with colored output:

bash -c NZ -t Christchurch -f

Note: the terminal emulator must support 16 colors (e.g. xterm, GNOME Terminal, Konsole); displayed colors may vary in different terminal emulators and by custom profile settings.

Keyboard functions

If you downloaded, and started bash-weather then you'll see a screen like this:

 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY _________________                     oo                     
  ___   __  _   _____                       .            **            .        
 |__ \ /_ |(_) / ____|                       *'.         **         .'*         
    ) | | |   | |                             '*o.       **       .o*'          
   / /  | |   | |                               '*'     .''.     '*'            
  / /_  | |   | |____                               .'********'.                
 |____| |_|    \_____|                             o************o               
 wind: 27.7 km/h, SW                     'oooooo' **************** 'oooooo'     
 3 Day Forecast ____________________               '************'               
     Wed         Thu         Fri               .o*'      **      '*o.           
 ___________ ___________ ___________         ,o*'        **        '*o,         
                                           ,o            **            o,       
  Clear Sky   Cloudy      Clear Sky                      oo                     
 min:  13 C        14 C        11 C                   CLEAR SKY                 
 max:  20 C        17 C        18 C                                             
                                                     Change unit: 'c', Quit: 'q'

Note: bash-weather will refresh the current weather and forecast every minute.

Keyboard functions:

  • c Changes the measurement unit (Celsius → Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit → Celsius).
  • q Quits bash-weather.


Weather report written in Bash







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