Workflow scripts used in the short movie 'Floresta Vermelha' (Red Forest). Footage recorded in an Elphel camera; editing done in Cinelerra.
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These are the scripts that have been used in the short movie 'Floresta Vermelha' (Red Forest) - 2012/2013.

They are all GPL, as one might expect.

For better understanding of the scripts, one should take a look at the following links: (English) Describes the editing workflow for linux, Cinelerra based, and how the scripts can automate some demanding tasks of format conversion and XML updating; (English) Describes the use of the Elphel 353 as a Digital Cinema camera and how the processes of recording video and audio can be helped by the use of scripts. (Portuguese) - is the production blog for the film.

The folders are divided in:

  1. Editing scripts - used for the whole editing/post-editing workflow
  2. Elphel internal scripts - to be used inside the Elphel camera, for recording
  3. GStreamer scripts - the watch the stream that comes from the camera and eventually record this stream
  4. MPlayer scripts - to watch the videos during post-production phase, in which the DNGs are batch converted to sequences of JPEG files
  5. References - useful .txt files that serve as references while shooting
  6. Utils - useful scripts that can check for problems and/or add functionalities to the original workflow (for example, connect with a Blender workflow)
  7. X11vnc - a simple script to re-send the stream to a mobile device, in case one choses to use a smartphone (for example) as monitor.

Have a nice time with them!