Provides auto-complete suggestions for common scripts/CSS documents hosted by Google (e.g. jQuery, AngularJS)
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Brackets Extension: CDN Suggestions

Provides JavaScript & CSS library suggestions for libraries hosted on the CDNs by Google, jsDelivr and CDNJS. Thanks to ByteBlast for the idea!

This extension uses the jsDelivr API to find libraries hosted from the aforementioned CDNs.


  1. Start typing a script tag as you normally would: <script
  2. Hit space after the tag name and you'll be prompted with a selection of libraries.
  3. Hit enter on your desired library and you'll be prompted with a selection of versions.
  4. Hit enter on your desired version and the HTML snippet will be inserted.

Protip: Double-tap enter on your desired library to insert the latest version.


CDN Suggestions Preview


In Brackets, choose File > Extension Manager and click on the Available tab. Then search for cdn suggestions.


Development is currently focused on fixing existing issues and planned enhancements. A future feature might include a preference to select a CDN after choosing a version.