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Sprocket is an experimental browser based on Chromium's Content API. Supported platforms: Linux (x86_64, ARM), Android (ARM, Aarch64). Currently we have three branches: master, testing and core.

  • Core branch contains the relevant code to a minimal browser which can be easily extended with new features.
  • Master branch contains extra features, for example toolbar, dialogs, tab support.
  • Testing branch contains test specific features, for example developer tools.

You can view our build status here.

Build steps

Getting depot_tools

Initialising repository and building Sprocket

Use --x86_64 (default), --arm, --android or --android_arm64 switches depending on your target architecture:

# get the code
git clone https://github.com/szeged/sprocket.git sprocket
cd sprocket
# get the Chromium source code
tools/checkout_chromium.py --x86_64
# build the project
tools/build_sprocket.py --x86_64

Running Sprocket

# Linux

# Android
# install the apk
chromium/src/build/android/adb_install_apk.py --apk chromium/src/out/Default/apks/Sprocket.apk --release
# run it with specific URL
./tools/run_adb_sprocket www.google.com
# kill the running app

Additional info

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