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GitHub Link

Displays GitHub link on the Plugins page given there is a GitHub Plugin URI plugin header.

When your plugin is on also and there is no GitHub Branch header (or its value is "master") the GitHub icon is displayed after other plugin actions (links), otherwise it is the first action.

GitHub headers

  • GitHub Plugin URI shown as a normal GitHub icon GitHub icon
  • GitHub Branch shown as text after the GitHub icon
  • GitHub Access Token (aka. private repo) shown as GitHub icon with a lock GitHub Private icon

GitLab headers

  • GitLab Plugin URI shown as a normal GitLab icon GitLab icon
  • GitLab Branch shown as text after the GitLab icon

Bitbucket headers

  • Bitbucket Plugin URI shown as a Bitbucket logo Bitbucket logo
  • Bitbucket Branch shown as text after the Bitbucket icon headers

  • Plugin URI shown as a WordPress logo when the plugin is on

Related Information

These plugin headers enable automatic updates to your GitHub or Bitbucket hosted WordPress plugins and themes using the GitHub Updater plugin. GitHub Updater is not found on