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BoolEval is a Mathematica package that helps evaluate conditional expressions on numerical arrays, or filter numerical arrays based on conditions. Is does this without unpacking packed arrays and offers a significant speedup over Select and Cases while maintaining convenient notation. It is particularly useful in conjunction with Listable functions.

After installing, search the Documentation Center for "BoolEval" to see usage examples.

BoolEval was inspired by the question Does Mathematica have advanced indexing? on the Mathematica StackExchange.

A preview of this package is available as the BoolEval function in the Wolfram Function Repository.


BoolEval requires Mathematica 10.0 or later.

Download the .paclet file from the GitHub release pages, then install it using the PacletInstall function.


For more information, see How can I install packages distributed as .paclet files?

The Wolfram Language will always use the latest installed version of BoolEval. Installed versions can be enumerated using the command:


To uninstall all versions, use


Getting started

Go to Help → Wolfram Documentation and search for BoolEval or paste BoolEval/tutorial/IntroductionToBoolEval into the address bar of the documentation browser.