Emotiv EPOC to OSC transmitter in Objective-C
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EEG2OSC is simple application written in Objective-C for two-way communication with Emotiv EPOC using familiar OSC protocol.

EEG2OSC screenshot

EEG2OSC was prepared for Sensorium - audio installation by Rafał Zapała, more info: http://treesmovethemost.com/2014-10-10-sensorium.

Outgoing OSC messages

/EEG/ED_AF3, /EEG/ED_F7, /EEG/ED_F3, /EEG/ED_FC5, /EEG/ED_T7, /EEG/ED_P7, /EEG/ED_O1, /EEG/ED_O2, /EEG/ED_P8, /EEG/ED_T8, /EEG/ED_FC6, /EEG/ED_F4, /EEG/ED_F8, /EEG/ED_AF4 - raw data from EEG (requires research edition of Emotiv SDK)

/quality/ED_AF3, /quality/ED_F7, /quality/ED_F3, /quality/ED_FC5, /quality/ED_T7, /quality/ED_P7, /quality/ED_O1, /quality/ED_O2, /quality/ED_P8, /quality/ED_T8, /quality/ED_FC6, /quality/ED_F4, /quality/ED_F8, /quality/ED_AF4 - electrode connection quality

/affectiv/engagement, /affectiv/excitement-long, /affectiv/excitement-short, /affectiv/frustration, /affectiv/meditation - affective data (0.0 - 1.0 values)

/expressiv/blink, /expressiv/wink-left, /expressiv/wink-right, /expressiv/look-left, /expressiv/look-right - expressiv data (trigger)

/gyro - x/y gyroscope (two integer values)

/cognitiv/action - recognized action with power, currently supported actions: "neutral", "push", "lift" (action and 0.0 - 1.0 value)

/cognitiv/event - training events: "started", "succeeded", "failed", "completed", "rejected"

Incoming OSC messages

/train/neutral - train neutral state

/train/lift - train "lift" action

/train/push - train "push" action

/train/accept - accept training

/train/reject - reject training

Working with training actions

Training is the trickiest part, example workflow for training "neutral" action:

  1. Send /train/neutral to EEG2OSC
  2. Wait for /cognitiv/event "started"
  3. Wait for /cognitiv/event "succeeded"
  4. Send /train/accept
  5. Wait for /cognitiv/event "completed"
  6. Wait for /cognitiv/action "neutral value", where value is between 0.0 and 1.0

Training for push and lift looks the same, but remember to always train "neutral" first.