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XBMC plugins by t0mm0
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t0mm0's xbmc plugin repository!

To install the repository, download from
and use 'Add from zip' in XBMC.

Xbox versions are now available from
and can be installed with the SVN reop installer.

For support use the threads at and respectively.

 - veetle (Plays flash enabled streams from
 - jazz fm (Plays live stream and archived programmes)
 - subsonic (Plays music from your Subsoic server)
 - (Plays live streams from
 - crackle (Plays movies and tv shows from
 - ustvnow (Basic live stream support for
 - freedocast (Plays live streams and recordings from
 - (Plays music videos from
 - Daily Seinfeld (plays clips from - see tutorial at
 - Roadrunner Records (plays audio and video from
 - 8tracks (Listen to handcrafted internet radio from
 dev (at)
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