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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this Jul 9, 2021

  • Added support for syncing wallpaper across virtual desktops in Windows 11
  • Added Arabic U.A.E., Hungarian, and Icelandic translations (thanks mustafa, DJ Phoenix, and Anonymous)
  • Fixed startup task being created for all users in installer instead of current user
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this Jun 11, 2021

  • Added Monterey Abstract theme
  • Added estimate of disk space usage in theme previewer
  • Added Arabic and Ukrainian translations (thanks Abdul Rahim and Віталій)
  • Fixed timezone calculations failing in Oceania
  • Fixed config reload overwriting changes on disk
  • Fixed open dialogs preventing app from exiting
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this May 31, 2021

  • Added installer option to install for all users
  • Added ability to favorite themes to move them to top of list
  • Added Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese translations (thanks Denis Bogdan, Anders Ferdinandus, Klokki, Christian, and Williamrob104)
  • Reduced memory usage of theme previewer (thanks @cjvaughter)
  • Fixed error when location has different timezone that may be a day ahead of or behind the system clock
  • Fixed error when multiple users run the app simultaneously on the same machine
  • Fixed hang when invalid images cause thumbnail generation to fail
  • Fixed missing data that was not being supplied to PowerShell scripts
  • Fixed error when downloading new translations from POEditor
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this Nov 1, 2020

⚠️ Microsoft Defender is wrongly flagging WDD 4.4.0 as having a trojan for some users. The app is safe according to all other scanners on VirusTotal. Until this is fixed you can follow these steps to allow the app to run.

  • Added 8 new themes from Big Sur 11.0.1
  • Added Greek and Vietnamese translations (thanks masterjunior24 and Truong Huynh)
  • Fixed issue where wrong preview image was shown for time of day in theme dialog
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this Oct 10, 2020

  • Fixed error when 2-image themes (e.g., Big Sur Abstract) are selected in theme dialog
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this Oct 7, 2020

  • Redesigned theme selector dialog to show carousel that autocycles through images (thanks @cjvaughter)
  • Added Dutch, Korean, and Indonesian translations (thanks Samuel, jihwan_bong, and @ChrisG661)
  • Fixed error when Windows 10 default wallpaper missing
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this Jun 25, 2020

  • Add Big Sur and Big Sur Abstract themes
  • Add Bulgarian and Japanese translations (thanks Marin and Syoyusensation)
  • Improve error checking for theme JSON when new themes are installed
  • Fix check for updates failing on Windows 7
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this May 22, 2020

  • Fix FormatException on startup caused by date/time parse error
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this May 20, 2020

  • Add support for web proxies set in HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY environment variable
  • Fix errors caused by date/time values being handled incorrectly
  • Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException when right clicking on theme thumbnail
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@t1m0thyj t1m0thyj released this Feb 18, 2020

  • Removed options that are not related to dynamic desktop wallpaper (see why)
  • Added PowerShell scripting capability (options that were removed are still supported as scripts)
  • Added option to shuffle wallpaper daily
  • Added option to pause changing wallpapers while fullscreen app is running
  • Added option to provide specific sunrise and sunset times
  • Added Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, and Portuguese translations (thanks Jrsarath, Rafi, and Geovane Souza)
  • Enabled option to use Windows location service in desktop version of app
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