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Latest commit d797e78 Apr 20, 2019
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alembic Fix import in alembic migration Feb 13, 2019
mautrix_telegram Try and fix logout Apr 20, 2019
tests Fix Context initialization in tests Mar 16, 2019
.dockerignore Simplify docker setup Jul 14, 2018
.editorconfig Fix line lengths and add limit to .editorconfig Apr 29, 2018
.gitignore Log startup exceptions Mar 10, 2019
Dockerfile Dockerfile for Apr 16, 2019
LICENSE Switch to AGPLv3 Mar 8, 2018 Update links in README so they work on docker hub May 20, 2018 Update Mar 17, 2019
alembic.ini Read database path from config in alembic May 29, 2018 Simplify docker setup Jul 14, 2018
example-config.yaml Make retry_delay and other TelegramClient constructor fields configur… Apr 3, 2019
optional-requirements.txt Update moviepy Feb 14, 2019
preview.png Add preview Mar 29, 2018
setup.cfg Add pytest unit testing framework Mar 8, 2019 Add uvloop to the mix Apr 16, 2019

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