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🍃 Rest API generation for Koa
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Easy REST api for koa server



Install using npm:

npm install koa-mongo-rest


Require library

generateApi = require('koa-mongo-rest');

Create mongoose model

mongoUrl = '';
mongoose = require('mongoose');

schema = new mongoose.Schema({
  email: String,
  name: String,
  password: String,
  address: String,
  zipcode: Number,
  lists: Array

model = mongoose.model('users', schema);

Create server

var koa = require('koa');
var router = require('koa-router');

var app = koa();

//router is required

//add REST routes to your app. Prefix is optional
generateApi(app, model, '/api');

app.listen(process.env.PORT || 5000);

Following REST API is now created for you:

HTTP Verb /users /users/:id
GET Get all documents, or documents that match the query.
You can use mongoose find conditions, limit, skip and sort.
For example:
Get the addressed document.
POST Create a new document and send it back. Update the addressed document with specified attributes.
PUT Create a new document and send it back. Replace the addressed document.
DELETE n/a Delete the addressed document.
PATCH n/a Update the addressed document with specified attributes.
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