DEPRECATED. Only for t3kit v7.
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Vagrant/virtualbox development environment for t3kit project.




Required dependencies:

Additional requirements

  • Existing GitHub user account with added SSH key
  • Existing Bitbucket user account with added SSH key

First Startup using git submodules:

  1. After first clone you need to get all submodules and install composer deppendencies: ./
  2. Start virtual machine vagrant up

Setup t3kit using Composer Dependency Manager:

  • git clone
  • cd t3kit_vagrant
  • ./
  • vagrant up
  • open in browser: localhost:8081

Some important commands

  • Start virtual-machine vagrant up

  • Stop vagrant VM vagrant halt

  • Delete the vagrant VM vagrant destroy

  • Check status of vagrant VM vagrant status

  • Check status of all vagrant VM vagrant global-status

  • SSH to vagrant VM vagrant ssh

Vagrant documentation


####TYPO3 Site is available at http://localhost:8081/

  • TYPO3 login: admin
  • TYPO3 password: admin1234
  • TYPO3 install tool password: admin1234
  • Web root from local machine is : shared/site/
  • Web root from vagrant VM is : /var/www/shared/site/

####Mailcatcher is available at http://localhost:1080/

####MySQL is available at localhost:3307

  • Username: t3kit
  • Password: t3kit1234
  • DB name: t3kit

##Vagrant BOX

##Windows specific

  1. curl shipped with vagrant might be wrong, please download new one and replace it:
  2. there is a known problem with windows 10 virtualbox, please try the following workarounds if they work for you -