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Expression Widgets - Project Participant of the J4L Project and Winner ( category Best Web Hack ) at SxSw by Mozilla and MacArthur Foundation. This project is here for reference and material that is being moved to TelaSocial ( ). 
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This project supports the JetPack for Learning Project ( organized by Mozilla and supported by Mozilla, MacArthur Foundation, and other peers. 
The original ideas to this project are based on Felipe Gomes and Marcio Galli motivation, said initial motivation. We were students from the same university in Sao Carlos Brazil and we since we are Mozilla contributors we started talking about means, being tools or systems, to support the development of open resources to support education. The original motivation was something like a note book where students could share their notes, for a given lecture of live session. 

Original Abstract: 
Project Abstract

An annotation system that uses JetPack infra-structure and introduces a concept of expression widgets. The model leverages the browsing experience and JetPacks are used to support learners to annotate using Web language, given a live session - let's say a lecture given by a professor. The model is suggested initially as a rich annotation and collaboration framework where students can interact with a variety of Web-based widgets. It explores various communication forms such as text, canvas-based drawing, SVG, MathML, and also some interactive scenarios where teams can build together. The annotated resources are organized and kept using simple wiki pages with less rules to the server and more focus on possibilities for team-centred conventions.

Licensing and Trademark Notice
This project is subject to be licensed using an OSI-approved license. This is part of agreement as part of the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge project which is coordinated by Mozilla, McArthur Foundation and others. The name Expression Widgets is trademark of Marcio dos Santos Galli informatica. Additional terms may apply associated with the use of the trademark. 

SDK Related Information 
In this repository contains an additional and experimental project as part of this project, which is by the way experimental. So if you visit the SDK directory we are talking about experimental of the experimental, dig there at your own risk.