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內 The next-generation Time Management software and Work-Life Management platform. We build a better place for getting things done.

May the Tact be with you!

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In the modern world, maintaining focused attention is increasingly challenging. The fast pace, remote work, constant calls, and stress devalue our time, attention, concentration, and tranquility. At OctoLab, we strive to find solutions that allow us to regain control over these lost values.


Allocating and managing time effectively is crucial. Good time management is critical to meeting deadlines and reducing stress. In a world where multitasking is often mistaken for productivity, it's important to prioritize tasks and break them into manageable segments, ensuring that each job receives the dedicated time it deserves.


Directing focus toward the task at hand involves minimizing distractions and maintaining a clear focus on the goals and requirements of the project. Creating a workspace that encourages concentration through noise-canceling headphones, designated quiet hours, or digital tools that limit notifications during critical work periods is vital in an environment rife with interruptions.


Engaging deeply with the work means immersing yourself in problem-solving, leading to more innovative solutions and efficient coding. This deep engagement is critical during complex tasks with a high cost of errors. Techniques like time-boxing can enhance concentration during these critical phases.


Maintaining a calm and composed mindset in software development's fast-paced and often stressful world is crucial. Managing stress, keeping a balanced perspective, and ensuring decision-making are not clouded by anxiety or haste is essential. Regular mindfulness practices, breaks, and a supportive work culture help maintain this tranquility, fostering an environment where creativity and productivity thrive.

Tact is crafted with these four essential aspects of our lives in mind, aiming to provide a comprehensive user experience. Imagine having the functionalities of Todoist, Cron, Fellow, Calendly, and Rize in one package. And the best part? It's open-source, local, and private! This integration not only streamlines your workflow but also respects your data privacy and autonomy, ensuring you're completely in control of your time, attention, concentration, and tranquility.

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