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Suite of tools for managing personal relationships, communications, and more
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Ships helps you manage all your relationships. Somewhat like a personal CRM, but entirely open source and built with a focus on being a pipeline and not a data repository.

Project Status

Under active development by @tadasant. This is a personal hobby project with no intent for commercialization or even use by third parties.


  1. Contacts app
  2. Universal inbox app
  3. Messaging app

Contacts app: sync and import contact data from various sources (e.g. FB, LinkedIn, phone) into a normalized database and Google Circles-like data model

Universal Inbox app: get a single feed with Superhuman-like capabilities of all the inbound things competing for your attention (social media notifications, emails, todo-list items).

Messaging app: piggybacking off of the dataset created by the Contacts app, leverage a spoofed virtual Android emulation (??? is this possible?) to funnel all of your messaging (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, IG, LinkedIn, etc.) in granularly controlled fashion. Includes features like, "Do Not Disturb UNLESS I receive a FB Message or Text Message from GEORGE."

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