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Use opcodes` addresses on interpreter loop

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tadeuzagallo committed May 12, 2016
1 parent 32d40ec commit f74b753b5c0ae67c5acb0f2a4036f36ca87a7421
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  1. +20 −20 compiler/interpreter.S
@@ -46,9 +46,8 @@
mov 0x20(%rbp, $0, 8), $1

.macro opcode_jmp
jmp _op_$0
.fill 3
.macro op_address
.long _op_$0 - _loop_op_addresses

.globl _execute
@@ -65,26 +64,27 @@ _execute:
mov %rcx, %BCBASE

lea loop_opcodes(%rip), %rdi
xor %rax, %rax
mov (%BYTECODE), %al // 0..10
lea (%rdi, %al, 8), %rdi
lea _loop_op_addresses(%rip), %rdi
movsl (%rdi, %al, 4), %rax
add %rax, %rdi
jmp *%rdi
opcode_jmp ret
opcode_jmp bind
opcode_jmp push
opcode_jmp call
opcode_jmp jz
opcode_jmp jmp
opcode_jmp create_closure
opcode_jmp load_string
opcode_jmp push_arg
opcode_jmp lookup
opcode_jmp exit
opcode_jmp create_lex_scope
opcode_jmp release_lex_scope
opcode_jmp put_to_scope
op_address ret
op_address bind
op_address push
op_address call
op_address jz
op_address jmp
op_address create_closure
op_address load_string
op_address push_arg
op_address lookup
op_address exit
op_address create_lex_scope
op_address release_lex_scope
op_address put_to_scope

mov %rbp, %rsp

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