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Import raw SVG data into Raphael

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Raphaël SVG import plugin - 0.0.1

What is it?

An extension to the Raphaël Vector Library.
It enables Raphaël to import raw SVG data.


var paper = Raphael(10, 10, 800, 500);
paper.importSVG('<svg><rect x="53.603" y="93.813" fill="#FF00FF" width="106.211" height="106.211"/></svg>')

You can export a svg file from Inkscape or Illustrator, open it with a plain text editor and dump it in there.
The plugin will filter out the necessary.

In the assets folder a demo.svg file is provided.
Nothing fancy but it gives you a starting point.



  • This plugin is still under development


  • SVG group to Raphaël set conversion
  • line recognition
  • text recognition
  • image recognition
  • writing tests (yes I've been lazy :-)
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