New to openz-wave. Here are my hacks at it so far.
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This code needs a lot of work.  The goal for me was a quick interface to access some basic switches and wall outlets
from my Raspberry Pi.

First step is to get open-zwave( compiled on your device.  I wrote a quick blog
about it

Also worth taking a look at:
and is working on an almost identical project but has a better ui.

Few notes:
1. Restructuring some things - will be a few days
2. I have noticed that the higher the node number of the devices, the slower the response (or polled) message is.  I
think this is to be expected.
3. With my simple client, some of the high number nodes will not update in time before the page reloads (even with a 1-2
second sleep).  The better solution would be AJAX polling for the latest status.