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Java library for mapping Excel sheets to POJO
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XLSBeans is a Java library for mapping Excel sheets to POJO.


To use XLSBeans, add the following dependency to your pom.xml:

    <name>Project Amateras Maven2 Repository</name>


Getting Started

For example, here is one Excel sheet.

Sample Excel

Map this Excel sheet to POJO using @HorizontalRecords and @LabelledCell.

public class UserList {

  @LabelledCell(label="Title", type=LabelledCellType.Right)
  public String title;

  @HorizontalRecords(tableLabel="User list", recordClass=User.class)
  public List<User> users;


And the following is the record class. Properties of the record class is mapped to columns by @Column.

public class User {

  public int id;

  public String name;

  @Column(columnName="Gender", merged=true)
  public String gender;


You can get the mapped POJO using XLSBeans#load() like following:

UserList userList = (UserList)new XLSBeans().load(
  new FileInputStream("example.xls"), UserList.class);


See more details in

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