Provides a simple adapter that makes the tray use gtk under linux, providing a native look and feel.
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This small library provides a way to work around the JDK transparency bug under linux by
providing a native GTK implementation of a tray abstraction. The usage is very simple:

 SystemTrayAdapter trayAdapter = SystemTrayProvider.getSystemTray();  
 URL imageUrl = getClass().getResource("myImage.svg");  
 String tooltip = "I'm transparent under linux!";   
 PopupMenu popup = produceMyPopupMenu();  
 TrayIconAdapter trayIconAdapter = trayAdapter.createAndAddTrayIcon(  

When running under a system that supports transparency (like windows), the provider will
return a wrapper for the usual awt implementation. Under linux, it will try to use the 
native implementation (that requires GTK 2+). If there's any problem trying to load the native
library (for example, if GTK is not installed), it will fallback to the awt implementation,
graciously degrading.

This project uses maven and the artifacts are available in Maven Central, under the following

Enjoy and, please, feel free to report any bugs =)