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Welcome to the clb-polkadot-java-types wiki!

What do you can find where ?

  • Project Roadmap provides you with an overview of the planned milestones of this development project
  • Project Timeline defined as Github Milestones. Each Git task/issue of the project will be assigned to one of the deliver milestones.
  • Project Dashboard the current project status

Progress Report

27th June 2019

The Milestone Veleta Proposal got funded by the Reputation Holders of the PolkaDAO. So work can start with around two weeks delay. Didn't take into consideration the two-week voting process, therefore adjusted some dates about the first milestone (shifted by one week)

30th June 2019 - Week 1

  • Deep dive review of the Polkadot-JS and Polkascan Python library about their implementation strategy of the codec library.
  • Took decision to follow the implementation pattern of Polkadot-JS API library
  • Implementation and Unit-Testing of fixed length unsigned integer and their codec completed

7th July 2019 - Week 2

  • Around 25 types implemented and partially tested
  • Due to the fact that Web3 Foundation was announcing as part of their "Web3 Foundation Grants — Wave Two" a "Substrate Java API the development of this Java Type library was stopped.
  • The project scope will be readjusted and the outstanding Blog articles will be adjusted to cover an introduction to the Substrate Java API library which newly got granted.
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