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Delta define: #ElementPRE as: (
(Class subclassOf: 'HTMLElement' instanceVariables: '')) !
(Delta mirrorFor: #ElementPRE) revision: '$Revision: 1.2 $'!
(Delta mirrorFor: #ElementPRE) group: 'HTML'!
(Delta mirrorFor: #ElementPRE)
'(c) 1995-1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Use and distribution of this software is subject to the terms of the attached source license.'!
! (Delta mirrorFor: #ElementPRE) methodsFor: 'building' !
buildFor: builder <HTMLBuilder>
| p <Painter> |
builder verticalWhitespace.
p := builder painter copy.
"We use a slightly smaller font because fixed fonts
take lots of space"
p font: (p font newSpec
typeface: 'Lucida Console';
points: 10) font.
builder withPainter: p
do: [ self do:
[ :node <HTMLNode> |
HTMLText coerce: node
do: [ :textNode <HTMLText> |
textNode text
do: [ :c <Character> |
c == Character cr
ifTrue: [ builder forceBreakLine ]
ifFalse: [ builder addCharWithoutBreaking: c ]
else: [ node buildFor: builder ]
builder verticalWhitespace.! !
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