Vanity addresses for the Amoveo network
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A simple script to generate either just regular private and public keys for Amoveo, or generate vanity keys where the public key contains some wanted characters.

Some notes about the vanity addresses:

  • The first two characters of the public key dont use the complete base64 alphabet.
  • The wanted characters are searched within the complete public key string
  • The characters "+" and "/" may be used to separate your word from the rest of the public key
  • The process is slow: an hour perhaps for four letters matched
  • The search may be case insensitive and will be a bit faster
  • The script runs on up to 10 cores in parallell for speeding things up

Note: The author takes no responibility for the correctness of any generated keys. You are suggested to test the keys with a small amount of veo before committing to larger amounts.


Clone the repo from Github, and run the script with

$ elixir veoanity.exs

As generating keys is sensitive, you might want to read the script for yourself to check that the keys are actually being generated at random. This is by design.