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TallyGo iOS Reference App

This reference app is provided to demonstrate how to use the TallyGo SDK. The examples within correspond to the examples published on our documentation site. Check it out for further explanation!

The app comes in two flavors: Swift and Objective-C. They are functionally identical, so pick the one you like best!


While the TallyGo SDK itself doesn't require CocoaPods (see our docs for more info), the reference app does, so you will need to install CocoaPods before using the reference app.

Some of the later examples work in conjunction with our reference server. These ones are noted as such, so don't worry about setting this up unless you are interested in those specifically.


  1. In Terminal, cd to the reference app, and then run pod install before you open the project for the first time.

  2. In Xcode, open AppDelegate.swift or AppDelegate.m (for Swift or Objective-C, respectively) and paste your TallyGo access token. If you don't have an access token yet, get one here for free. The app will not run without a valid access token.