Brackets extension to select lines by clicking/dragging in the gutter.
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Brackets Select Line extension

Simple extension that offers different means of selecting lines by clicking/dragging in the gutter.


If installed it is always active.

Click in the gutter to select that line.

Click and drag in the gutter to select relevant lines.

Click first line and hold down SHIFT while clicking last line to select that range.

Click first line while holding down SHIFT to select a range starting with cursor position.

Once a selection has been made, hold down CTRL while clicking/dragging for multi-selection.

Lines will highlight when cursor is over corresponding gutter line number.

Known issues

Changing themes will cause highlight to use old color until close/open or refresh of Brackets.

The SHIFT functionality will not work while making additional selections in multi-selections.

Things to do

Match default Brackets behavior by highlighting gutter line numbers on selected lines.

Update highlight color on theme change.

Make SHIFT and CTRL functionality behave with each other?

Double-click and/or triple-click functionality of some type?

Double-click: selects current block?

Tripe-click: selects entire document?