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A scratchpad for random text and code you need to work with
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Cloud9 Scratchpad Extension

This is a simple extension to add a scratchpad window to Cloud9. If you are refactoring code, it makes it much easier to copy and paste blocks of code around, rather than having to create untitled files or Alt-Tab between Cloud9 and a local text editor


This extension works with and with self-hosted copies of Cloud9 (either via cloning or npm install cloud9). To install it, open the Tools -> Extension Manager window in Cloud9, and enter the extension path:



for the self-hosted version.

Click add. You can now open the window via the View menu.

Shortcut Keys & Command

This extension comes with the scratchpad command that you can type into the command area to launch the window.

You can also add shortcut keys to your ext/keybindings_default files. Edit default_win.js or default_mac.js depending on your platform. To enable it add the following:

return keys.onLoad({
    "ext" : {
        "scratchpad": {
            "scratchpad": "Ctrl-Shift-L"   

For the Mac, use Command-Option-L, or choose your own key shortcuts.

Author: Tane Piper (@tanepiper)


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