Order/Product approval extension for Django Oscar
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Order approval for Oscar

This package provides order/product approval functionality for Oscar.

Getting started


Add 'oscar_approval' to INSTALLED_APPS and run:

./manage.py syncdb

to create the new database tables.

Oscar approval requires Oscar 0.6. For older Oscar 0.5 and 0.6, use release 0.1


Edit your settings.py to set the following settings (example):


Include approval urls in your application:

from oscar_approval.apps.approval.app import application as approval_application

(r'^approval/', include(approval_application.urls)),

Integration into the project

You may choose to integrate any of the following components:

  1. Product model extension:

    from oscar_approval.apps.catalogue.abstract_models import AbstractProduct as ApprovalAbstractProduct
    class Product(AbstractProduct, ApprovalAbstractProduct):
  2. Basic behaviour on receiving 'order_placed' signal:

    from oscar.apps.order.signals import order_placed
    from oscar_approval.apps.order.receivers import receive_order_placed

This receiver simply sets OSCAR_LINE_APPROVAL_STATUS and OSCAR_ORDER_APPROVAL_STATUS for lines and orders that require approval.

  1. Pin authorisation tab in the user profile:


  2. Dashboard application for managing reviewers and viewing approval event logs Extend user profile:

    from oscar_approval.apps.customer.abstract_models import AbstractProfile as ApproverProfile
    class Profile(ApproverProfile):

    Include dashboard application urls:

    from oscar_approval.apps.dashboard.app import application as approval_dashboard_application
    (r'^dashboard/approval/', include(approval_dashboard_application.urls))