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I like the general approach here, but I don't think we can safely test on the presence of a directory called .git -- not everybody is storing their Octopress source in a repo, and not everybody using a repo uses Git. (Could be hg, svn, or something else.)

There's probably a way to grab this path from rake or using a tree walk or something. I'll have to think on that. If anybody wants to tinker on that idea and send a pull request for it, feel free. I will note that when you run rake new_post['title'], it outputs the directory that Rakefile lives in. If that path can be grabbed from the output, then it can be used to load the file into a buffer.

@tangledhelix tangledhelix was assigned Nov 5, 2012

@tangledhelix Right, the condition is complicated now...


I have this mostly working, though it breaks down if you use a comma in the post name (a known bug in octopress itself, see imathis/octopress#910). I need to test some more and clean it up, then I'll merge it. The comma bug will have to be fixed upstream, unfortunately, and it might extend to other characters.

@tangledhelix tangledhelix added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 22, 2013
@tangledhelix add new_post (#4) f183dc2

Added new_post support. As noted, putting a comma in the post title breaks things, but other than that it seems to work, even with e.g. an exclamation mark.

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