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Astor is a graphical Tango control system administration tool.
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Project Astor

Maven Java project

Astor is a graphical Tango control system administration tool.

  • Goal

    • The first goal is to know at a quick glance, if everything is OK in a control system, and otherwise to be able to diagnose a problem and solve it.
    • The second goal is to configure the control system and its components.
    • The third goal is to have long term analysis on components (logs, statistics, usage,?.)
  • Principle

    • On each host to be controlled, a device server (called Starter) takes care of all device servers running (or supposed to) on this computer.
    • The controlled server list is read from the TANGO database.
    • A graphical client (called Astor) is connected to all Starter servers and is able to:
    • Display the control system status and component status using coloured icons.
    • Execute actions on components (start, stop, test, configure, display information, ?.
    • Execute diagnostics on components.
    • Execute global analysis on a large number of crates or database.


git clone


Download Docs

Building and Installation


Project Dependencies

  • DBBench.jar
  • Jive.jar
  • JTango.jar
  • ATKCore.jar
  • ATKWidget.jar
  • atkpanel.jar

Toolchain Dependencies

  • javac 7 or higher
  • maven


Instructions on building the project.

cd Astor
mvn package
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