A quick and easy template for a Ruby Extension.
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This is a quick guide to making an extension to Ruby.

0. Download this skeleton of your extension. Unzip it into an empty folder.
1. Read _build.sh_, which is a short bash script that shows you how to
   build your extension.
2. Read _extconf.rb_, which is the extension configuration script.
3. The datatype `VALUE` represents EVERYTHING in Ruby. You'll need to
   decode your data in order to work with it in C, and re-encode
   everything in order to return it to Ruby.
4. When you call a C function from Ruby, the first argument is the
   receiver of the method, a `VALUE` called `self`. Basically, if you
   want a two-argument Ruby function, you'll need three arguments in
   the C version of it.
5. Read _yourextension.c_. It outlines the main steps in a simple Ruby
6. If you want to know more about how extensions work under the hood,
   or if something isn't abundantly clear from the file, read the