A port of TextMate's Sunburst theme to VIM, supporting both color terminals and GUI-based editors.
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This is a port of the TextMate theme Sunburst to VIM, supporting 8, 16, and 256-color terminals and GUI-based editors.  It also includes some modified syntax files for better highlighting.

Maintainer:   Phil Tang <tangphillip@gmail.com>
Last Change:  2011 Aug 06, v1.4.3
License:      GPL <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>
Release Note: v1.4.3: Removed the background color for non-text areas & special characters
              v1.4.2: Added support for tabs, credited Stanley Rost with designing Sunburst
              v1.4.1: Slightly adjusted vimdiff colors
              v1.4:   Combined the colorschemes into a single sunburst.vim
              v1.3:   Fixed menu and parentheses' coloring;
                      Added spellcheck and diff support;
                      Changed 16 color version into 8 colors
              v1.2:   Fixed preprocessor colors, added PHP support
              v1.1:   Added support for GUI-based editors
              v1.0:   Initial release
Testers:      Ricky Mondello and David Whitney
Credits:      Stanley Rost <soryu2@gmail.com> - original designer of Sunburst for TextMate
              Jani Nurminen <slinky@iki.fi>   - provied a template for these notes with his 'Zenburn' theme. 


Copy the files in `colors` and `syntax` into the associated directories in your ~/.vim/ folder.