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Classybrew is a utility for generating statistical class breaks in your data and applying colorbrewer theory to you color palette.


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classybrew lets you choose from several statistical algorithms (Jenks Natural Breaks, Quantile, Equal Interval) to generate class breaks based on your data. classybrew has colorbrewer color palettes built in to quickly generate choropleth maps, graphics, tables, etc. with ease.

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Created By: tannergeo

Using classybrew

Basics - Setup

var brew = new classyBrew();
brew.setSeries([30.01, 14.9, 22.71, 24.96, 7.17, ...]);

Basics - Classify

brew.classify('jenks'); // returns [7.17,14.9,19.3,22.71,26.9,31.26]

Basics - Retrieval

var breaks = brew.getBreaks(); // returns [7.17,14.9,19.3,22.71,26.9,31.26]
var colors = brew.getColors(); // returns [rgb(237,248,251),rgb(178,226,226),rgb(102,194,164),rgb(44,162,95),rgb(0,109,44)]
brew.getColorInRange(7.5); // returns rgb(237,248,251)

All classybrew Methods

var brew = new classyBrew();


// classification
brew.setSeries(Array); // define array of data to classify
brew.setNumClasses(Number); // number of classes or breaks
//@Methods: equal_interval, quantile, jenks
brew.classify(Method:optional, Classes:optional); // returns classified data. Defaults to natural breaks methods

// color theory
brew.setColorCode(ColorCodeString); // color ramp code... see below


// classification
brew.getSeries(); // returns Array of original data
brew.getNumClasses(); // returns set number of classes
brew.getBreaks(); // will call classify but for performance returns pointer if classify has already been called
brew.getClassificationMethods(); // returns available classification methods to pass to classify()

//color theory
brew.getColorCodes(); // returns array of all available color codes
brew.getColorCodesByType(); // returns object of color codes by type (diverging, sequential, qualitative)
brew.getColorCode(); // returns set color code
brew.getColors(); // returns array of colors specific to your data
brew.getColorInRange(Num); // returns appropriate color for given number

Color Theory

The colors generated using classybrew are based on Cynthia Brewer's sequential color ramps. Below are the possible codes you can use when generating your color ramp with your data. BuGn -> Blue to Green

var brew = new classyBrew();
brew.getColorCodes();  // returns
["OrRd", "PuBu", "BuPu", "Oranges", 
"BuGn", "YlOrBr", "YlGn", "Reds", 
"RdPu", "Greens", "YlGnBu", "Purples", 
"GnBu", "Greys", "YlOrRd", "PuRd", "Blues", 
"PuBuGn", "Spectral", "RdYlGn", "RdBu", 
"PiYG", "PRGn", "RdYlBu", "BrBG", 
"RdGy", "PuOr", "Set2", "Accent", 
"Set1", "Set3", "Dark2", "Paired", 
"Pastel2", "Pastel1"];

You can also view the simple test file (./test/index.html) to better understand how to use the library and visualize the color palettes.

This tool was built with inspiration from two outstanding open source repositories.


Classybrew is a utility for generating statistical class breaks in your data and applying colorbrewer theory to you color palette.








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