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Yet Another Backbone Binding Extension (Yabbe)

So why add to the already growing number of libraries to do data binding?

  • Yabbe fits backbone nicely
  • Yabbe forgoes much of the magic of other libraries for just a little more typing
  • Yabbe fully supports computed properties
  • Yabbe will automatically unbind from your models when the corresponding root view element is removed the dom

I feel obligated to mention the following so I don't lead any newby backbone developers in the wrong direction:

####Does Backbone really need data binding?#### In the majority of circumstances, NO. This is the case since you can control the granularity of your views and just call render on any change event. There are cases where it'd be nice to have data binding, however. For that there is Yabbe.

This library is intended to provide a style of data binding that will be immediately familiar to users of Backbone. Yabbe will also not stand in your way if you don't want to use data binding for certain elements.

###Something simple to whet your appetite###

var ExampleView = Yabbe.View.extend({
  	model: ex1model,
		el: $("#ex1"),
		// the bindings property is very similar to the events hash!
		bindings: {
			"val input": "title",
			"text div > a": "status",

##Check out the full examples!##

###Notes### Yabbe is still in early development and the API is subject to change.
Binding is currently uni-directional (from models to views). Bi-directional binding will be added in a future version.

Yabbe has only been tested with jQuery.

Test cases are still being written to flex and verify all of the different pieces of the code.


  • Bi-directional binding
  • Binding for collections
  • Clean up overloaded method handling code
  • Test with zepto and other backbone libs