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ADFS (Ali Distributed File System) is an evolutional version of Hadoop which delivers high availability, auick-restart and other features.
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branch: master

optimize: logic for unwrap InvocationTargetException

get realtime statistic for cluster info
optimize addStoredBlock(): add isInvokedByBlockReport parameter, if invoked by blockReceive, no need to check bad block
optimize: change ioexception to throwable for many code, so handler of exception can get the origin cause
optimize distributed shell: use hdfs-*.xml instead of distributed-server-*.xml
fix bug of lease RecoverOne
change blockSize of BlockEntry for -1 to 0
fix bug of rename
fix NPE for DistributedClient
fix bug of append
leaseRecoveryTime should be 0 when completing file
add benchmark tool
optimize DFSClient: when set distributed.client.enabled=false use orginal rpc to namenode
optimize BlockEntry: toString add length for every block
optimize DistributedClient.invoke(...): when client is closed, no need to retry
fix bug: lease.holder length is too small for lease table
fix bug: in commitBlockSynchronization of fsnamesystem, fill an error id for stateManager.findFileById(...):blockEntry.getFileId()<=lastblock.getBlockId()
latest commit a52a3b070e
jiwan authored
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