War - Minecraft TDM & CTF for Bukkit
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War - Minecraft PVP Arenas (TDM, CTF and more!)

War is a plugin for Bukkit that adds PVP arenas and team deathmatch gamemodes to Minecraft servers.

Official website

Visit http://war.tommytony.com for more info, videos and links.


  • Built on the popular Bukkit mod API (http://bukkit.org)
  • Capture-the-flag and team deathmatch arenas, called warzones
  • Warzone blocks are saved and reset at the end of every game, for safely destructible maps
  • Other game types: capture points and explosive-based objectives
  • Up to 16 teams!
  • Tons of customizable game rules, item loadouts and options (see Instructions)
  • SpoutPlugin integration for an enriched UI experience during combat for Spoutcraft users (http://spout.org)


All official releases are at https://github.com/taoneill/war/downloads.

Dev Builds

Continuous integration builds are available at http://ci.tommytony.com/job/War.


tommytony started the plugin in December 2010 on hMod and has been maintaining it since with the help of contributors. Reach him at taoneill@tommytony.com.


War is licensed loosely under the MIT License (but still comes with the weird baggage of Bukkit licensing)