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A command line password manager
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shroud-cli is under active development and is not yet recommended for use. Use at your own risk.

shroud-cli is command line interface for managing passwords (and other secrets). It encrypts/decrypts secrets and manages keys with shroud and is inspired by passgo.

Getting Started

If you don't already have Node on your system, install it. Only tested with Node v6+.

Then install shroud-cli globally:

$ npm install -g shroud-cli

Initializing shroud

  1. Get yourself a strong master password. May I recommend a diceware passphrase?
  2. Memorize your master password. And don't forget it. If you lose access to your master password you will not be able to recover your passwords.
  3. Initialize shroud with your master password:
$ shroud init
Enter a strong master password: asupergreatdicewarepassphrase
Confirm your master password: asupergreatdicewarepassphrase
Generating your keys...


$ shroud <add | show | ls | rm> [options]
Command Description
add [name] Encrypt and add a secret for [name] to your vault
show [name] Decrypt and show the secret for [name]
{ls, list} List the names of all the secrets in your vault
{rm, remove} [name] Remove a secret from your vault
help Show detailed usage information


// TODO Add docs for using each command's options

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