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  • Fix invalid IOWatcher's rb_funcall that causes ArgumentError with ruby 2.5 and clang


  • Fix invalid TimerWatcher's rb_funcall that causes ArgumentError with ruby 2.5 and clang


  • Don't raise an exception when peername failed


  • Update libev to 4.24


  • Add ruby 2.4.0 to windows binary gem


  • Increase FD_SETSIZE to 1024 on Windows


  • Suppress lots of warnings


  • Use accept instead of accept_nonblock on Windows to avoid thundering held problem
  • Fix compilation error on Solaris and Ruby 2.3.0


  • Add unexpected object info to attach exception message


  • Use SleepEx instead of Sleep for better fix of process hung problem on windows environment
  • Use rake-compiler-dock for cross compilation


  • Update libev to 4.20
  • Sleep in timeout instead of select on Windows


  • Fix several bugs for JRuby support enhancement
  • Fix deadlock bug on Windows environment
  • Use RSpec3


  • Block evaluation doesn't change self for keeping consistency with Ruby block
  • Remove EventMachine emulation module
  • Remove HttpClient
  • DSL syntax is no longer available by default. Need to require '' in user code
  • Update libev to 4.19


  • Fix a bug that #close for unconnected Socket doesn't detach all watchers (#33)
  • Remove 1.8 support code
  • Use standard library instead of own hosts list (#34)


  • Fix CPU consuming issue on Windows.


  • Add timeout option to Loop#run and Loop#run_once. Default by nil
  • Support Ruby 2.2.0


  • Release the GIL when libev polls (#24)
  • Add Listener#listen method to change backlog size


  • Support Windows environment via cross compilation
  • Include iobuffer library
  • Update to libev 4.15
  • Remove Ruby 1.8 support


  • Switch from Jeweler to Bundler for the gem boilerplate
  • Fix firing of Coolio::HttpClient#on_request_complete (#15)
  • Fix failure to resolve Init_cool symbol on win32 mingw (#14)
  • Fix closing /etc/hosts in the DNS resolver (#12)
  • Refactor StatWatcher to pass pervious and current path state ala Node.js
  • spec:valgrind Rake task to run specs under valgrind
  • Use rake-compiler to build
  • Upgrade to libev 4.04


  • Fancy new DSL


  • Rename the project to
  • Bump the version all the way to 0.9! Hell yeah! 1.0 soon!
  • Rename the main module from Rev to Coolio, with deprecation warnings for Rev
  • Use Jeweler to manage the gem
  • Update to RSpec 2.0
  • Update to libev 4.01
  • Initial Rubinius support


  • Perform a blocking system call if we're the only thread running (1.8 only)
  • Run in non-blocking mode if we're the only thread in the process (1.8 only)
  • Make Rev::Loop#run_nonblock signal-safe
  • Fix spurious firing of Rev::AsyncWatchers


  • Configurable intervals for Rev::StatWatcher
  • Fix broken version number :(
  • Removed warning about spuriously readable sockets from Rev::Listener
  • Rev::Listener ignores ECONNABORTED from accept_nonblock
  • Document rationale for EAGAIN/ECONNABORTED handling in Rev::Listener


  • Add Rev::StatWatcher to monitor filesystem changes
  • Add Rev::Listener#fileno for accessing the underlying file descriptor
  • Support for creating Rev::Listeners from existing TCPServers/UNIXServers
  • Upgrade to libev 3.8
  • Simplified code loading
  • Pull in iobuffer gem and change outstanding uses of Rev::Buffer to IO::Buffer
  • Fix memory leaks resulting from strange semantics of Ruby's xrealloc
  • Rev::UNIXServer: use path instead of the first argument
  • Rev::Server-based classes can build off ::*Server objects


  • Ugh, botched my first release from the git repo. Oh well. Try, try again.


  • Initial Windows support
  • Initial Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 support
  • Upgrade to libev 3.52
  • Add checks for sys/resource.h and don't allow getting/setting maxfds if it isn't present


  • Correct a pointer arithmetic error in the buffering code that could result in data corruption.
  • Upgrade to libev 3.41
  • Relax HTTP/1.1 reponse parser to allow the "reason" portion of the response header to be omitted


  • Upgrade to libev 3.31
  • Rev::Loop#run_once and Rev::Loop#run_nonblock now return the number of events received when they were running
  • Remove inheritence relationship between Rev::IO and Rev::IOWatcher
  • Loosen HTTP/1.1 response parser to accept a common malformation in HTTP/1.1 chunk headers
  • Add underscore prefix to instance variables to avoid conflicts in subclasses
  • Remove Rev::SSLServer until it can be made more useful


  • Initial Ruby 1.8.6 support
  • Omit Rev::LIBEV_VERSION constant
  • Catch Errno::ECONNRESET when writing to sockets
  • SSL support via Rev::SSL, with a small C extension subclassing Ruby's OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket allowing for non-blocking SSL handshakes
  • Initial Rev::Utils implementation with #ncpus and methods to query and change the maximum number of file descriptors for the current process.
  • Initial Rev::AsyncWatcher implementation for cross-thread signaling
  • Handle unspecified Content-Length when encoding is identity in HttpClient
  • Fix bug in HttpClient processing zero Content-Length
  • Get rid of method_missing stuff in Rev::HttpClient
  • Have Rev::HttpClient close the connection on error
  • Allow Rev::TCPSocket#on_connect to be private when accepting connections from a Rev::TCPServer


  • Calibrate Rev::TimerWatchers against ev_time() and ev_now() when the watcher is attached to the loop to ensure that the timeout interval is correct.
  • Add check to ensure that a Rev::Loop cannot be run from within a callback
  • Store Rev::Loop.default in a Thread-specific instance variable
  • Upgrade libev to 0.3.0
  • Rename BufferedIO to IO
  • Fixed bug in BufferedIO#write_output_buffer causing it to spin endlessly on an empty buffer.
  • Added has_active_watchers? to Rev::Loop to check for active watchers


  • Fixed bug in Rev::Buffer read_from and write_to: now rb_sys_fail on failed reads/writes.
  • Change Rev::Buffer memory pools to purge on a periodic interval, rather than whenever the GC marks the object.
  • Fix bug in tracking the active watcher count. Factor shared watcher behavior from rev_watcher.h to rev_watcher.c.


  • Commit initial specs
  • Improve RDoc for the library
  • Eliminate "zero copy" writes as they bypass the event loop
  • Added Rev::Buffer C extension to provide high speed buffered writes
  • Implement Rev::TCPSocket#peeraddr to improve compatibility with Ruby sockets
  • Added Rev::Listener.close for clean shutdown of a listener
  • Rev::Loop.default used to call ev_loop_default() (in C). However, this registers signal handlers which conflict with Ruby's own. Now the behavior has been changed to return a thread-local singleton of Rev::Loop.
  • Creating a new Rev::TCPListener will disable reverse lookups in BasicSocket
  • Made backlog for Rev::TCPListener user-definable
  • Rev::TCPSocket now implements an on_resolve_failed callback for failed DNS resolution. By default it's aliased to on_connect_failed.
  • Changed event_callbacks to use instance_exec rather than passing the watcher object as an argument. Documented use of defining an event callback as a block
  • Subsecond precision for Rev::TimerWatchers


  • Added Rev::HttpClient, an asynchronous HTTP/1.1 client written on top of the Rev::TCPSocket class
  • Imported HTTP response parser from the RFuzz project
  • Added exception handling for Errno::ECONNRESET and Errno::EAGAIN
  • Fixed bugs in buffered writer which resulted in exceptions if all data couldn't be written with a nonblocking write.


  • Initial public release