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a collection of Arduino and general electronics projects
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551 Little Electronics and Arduino Projects

Latest addition SN76477 Prop Plane - Testing the SN76477 propeller plane sound effect configuration.

Just my collection of electronics projects, many involving an Arduino in one way or another. Some are full builds (like The FretBoard), while many are trivial breadboard kata, intended to test or explore a single idea.

Many are variations of things found wild on the net, or inspired by ideas from the sources such as:

Feel free to borrow liberally, and if you spot any issues do let me know. See the individual projects for credits where due. There are even now a few projects contributed by others - send your own over in a pull request if you would also like to add to this collection.

The LEAP Project Index

The best way to browse the projects is to take a look at the LEAP Catalog. It's actually a static web site generated directly from the repository. Try it out:


Getting Up and Running

Some projects require additional libraries including FastLED, FlexiTimer2, RadioHead. A set of such libraries are included as submodules of this repository, see the libraries/ page for more information on the included libraries and submodule management.

For Arduino projects, I have the Arduino IDE sketchbook location (in preferences) set to the root of this repository. This makes all the projects available to me in the IDE, and automatically includes libraries that are linked as git submodules in the libraries/ folder.

If you don't have the Arduino IDE setup this way, libraries can be retrieved with git, or you can just install them separately as you would any other library.

If you clone this repo, also update the submodules to have them available for compilation:

$ git submodule update --init

To pull submodule updates later on:

$ git submodule foreach git pull
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