Bangla date php class
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Bangla Date PHP Class

A PHP Class to convert English dates to equivalent Bangla date.

e.g: 02-03-2012 converts to ১৯ ফাল্গুন ১৪১৮

According to Bangla culture, the date changes not after 12'o clock at night, but it changes after sun rise at morning.

Class Constructor

It has 2 parameter. The first parameter is a date timestamp. If you want to change the date after 12 AM (just like English dates), you have to pass the second as 0. The default is 6.

so if you don't pass anything as 2nd parameter, the date will change at 6'o clock at morning.


Current Date

$bn_date = new BanglaDate( time() );
$date = $bn_date->get_date();

A particular Date

$bn_date = new BanglaDate( strtotime('18-03-1988') );
$date = $bn_date->get_date();

Single object, multiple convert

$bn = new BanglaDate(time());
$date = $bn->get_date();
var_dump( $date );

$bn->set_time(time(), 0);
$date = $bn->get_date();
var_dump( $date );

$bn->set_time(strtotime('18-03-1988'), 0);
$date = $bn->get_date();
var_dump( $date );


The class is also in

Blog Post

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