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cr-libm, a portable, efficient, correctly rounded mathematical library.

To compile: 
./configure; make;

(for options see ./configure --help)

To run the selftest:
make check;

Beta release note: 

This version contains one state-of-the-art implementation. The log
comes in two versions, log-td (portable) and log-de (optimised for
processors with double-extended hardware). The ./configure should
enable the one that is best for your system, except on Itanium: see

There is no known bug, but several shortcomings are listed in
the TODO file.

Note for Itanium systems: Out-of-the box it should compile and
selftest on Linux under both gcc and icc (feedback on HPUX is
welcome). However, optimised versions of log and atan are
disabled. They currently require icc 8.1 or later. See the beginning
of log-de.c and atan-itanium.c for instructions on how to enable them.