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ESP... The time has come to... Tasmotize!
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The full-featured flashing tool for Tasmota. With the great ESPtool from Espressif under the hood, and all required settings by default.


  • Automatic backup of current ESP image before flashing: in case you want to return to manufacturer firmware

  • Flash local .bin images, or simply select from release or development images: it will download them automatically

  • Send configuration to flashed device via serial: one-click configure of Wifi (including recovery AP), MQTT, Module and/or Template

  • Dark theme: proven to increase flashing speed and reliability

Installation and how to run

  • Option 1: get Windows standalone executable (thanks @Jason2866)
    In the odd case of your antivirus going haywire over that application, it's a false positive.

  • Option 2: pip3 install tasmotizer and then simply run from the shell/command line

  • Option 3: Clone the repo, pip3 install PyQt5 pyserial followed by python3 and flash away!


(c) 2019 Jacek Ziółkowski

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