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Python 2.6-2.7 GitHub license

DEFCON 23 Demolabs

Black Hat USA Arsenal

SPF (SpeedPhish Framework) is a python tool designed to allow for quick recon and deployment of simple social engineering phishing exercises.


  • dnspython
  • twisted
  • PhantomJS


pip install dnspython
pip install pycrypto

apt-get install python-twisted-web
apt-get install phantomjs

git clone --recursive https://github.com/tatanus/SPF.git


usage: spf.py [-h] [-f <list.txt>] [-C <config.txt>] [--all] [--test] [-e]
              [-g] [-s] [--simulate] [-w] [-W] [-d <domain>]
              [-c <company's name>] [--ip <IP address>] [-v] [-y]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  -d <domain>          domain name to phish
  -c <company's name>  name of company to phish
  --ip <IP address>    IP of webserver defaults to []
  -v, --verbosity      increase output verbosity

input files:
  -f <list.txt>        file containing list of email addresses
  -C <config.txt>      config file

enable flags:
  --all                enable ALL flags... same as (-e -g -s -w)
  --test               enable all flags EXCEPT sending of emails... same as
                       (-e -g --simulate -w -y -v -v)
  -e                   enable external tool utilization
  -g                   enable automated gathering of email targets
  -s                   enable automated sending of phishing emails to targets
  --simulate           simulate the sending of phishing emails to targets
  -w                   enable generation of phishing web sites
  -W                   leave web server running after termination of spf.py

  -y                   automatically answer yes to all questions


cd spf
python spf.py --test -d example.com

or to just test the websites:

cd spf
python web.py default.cfg


DerbyCon 2015 Video

DerbyCon 2015 Video

BsidesLV 2015 Video

BSidesLV 2015 Video

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BsidesKnox 2015 Viedo

Video of sample usage

Video of simple usage