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#../joDoc/jodoc --toc ~/Projects/jodocs/contents.mdown --template ~/Projects/jodocs/template.html --title "Jo HTML5 Mobile JavaScript Framework" --output ~/Projects/jodocs/docs ABOUT.mdown LICENSE.mdown README.mdown js/core/*.js js/data/*.js js/ui/*.js docs/*.mdown
#cat ABOUT.mdown README.mdown docs/*.mdown LICENSE.mdown > /tmp/jo.mdown
#cat js/core/*.js js/data/*.js js/ui/*.js > /tmp/jo.js
#../joDoc/jodoc --template ~/Projects/jodocs/singletemplate.html --title "Jo HTML5 Mobile JavaScript Framework" /tmp/jo.js /tmp/jo.mdown > ~/Projects/jodocs/docs/singlepage.html
#../joDoc/jodoc --template ~/Projects/jodocs/singletemplate.html --title "Jo HTML5 Mobile JavaScript Framework" /tmp/jo.mdown /tmp/jo.js
../joDoc/jodoc --template ~/Projects/jodocs/singletemplate.html --title "Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework Documentaion" ABOUT.mdown README.mdown docs/*.mdown js/core/*.js js/data/*.js js/ui/*.js LICENSE.mdown > ~/Projects/jodocs/docs/index.html
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