Javascript errors in the Web dialog when downloading a model #1

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ghost commented May 10, 2012

I get constant errors when trying to download a model using the plugin.

SU version 8.

mintras commented Jul 10, 2012

I also do on the two installs I have made, and my friend has the same problem. Another friend just looked at the site and said this project seems dead, I am sure it is not, I am not a fluent coder or I would try and fix this.


jbacus commented Mar 13, 2013

Not entirely clear what's causing these errors yet, but it is possible it has something to do with the way the website is structured. I think we can fix it, but the fix might not be in the plugin.

tav commented Mar 15, 2013

@jbacus Thanks for looking into it — please do let us know what the issue is once you've found it...

marc007 commented Dec 31, 2013


Same Javascript error on loading the Plugins "Get Model" function.

Hope that help,


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