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A Clojure client library for the key-value storage system Redis
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redis-clojure is the oldest of several Clojure client libraries for Redis. If you are currently trying to choose which of these client libraries to use, I (tavisrudd) recommend using Carmine instead. It has better documentation, better connection pooling, support for newer features of Redis 2.0+, Leiningen 2.0 support, more flexible serialization, and is faster.

If you are currently using redis-clojure and would like to add support for new Redis commands, patches are welcome.


This version of redis-clojure uses Leiningen as build tool.

Running tests

To run tests:

lein test

Note you need to have redis-server running on localhost at port 6379.

Adding it as a dependency for your own project

Simply add it to your project.clj :dependencies list:

:dependencies [[org.clojars.tavisrudd/redis-clojure "1.3.1"] ...]

then run lein deps.

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