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Search engine for Magic: The Gathering cards.

Ruby on Rails frontend

To run frontend like

$ cd frontend
$ bundle
$ bundle exec rails s

Command line

To search card names from command line:

$ ./search-engine/bin/find_cards "query"

To search card names and content from command line:

$ ./search-engine/bin/find_cards -v "query"

To explore card database from Ruby console:

$ ./search-engine/bin/pry_cards


Tests for library and for Rails frontend are separate:

$ (cd search-engine; bundle install)
$ (cd search-engine; bundle exec rspec)
$ (cd frontend; bundle install)
$ (cd frontend; bundle exec rake test)

How to update database

Whenever new set is released:

  • Run rake rules:update in case Comprehensive Rules changed
  • If set is not Vintage-legal, add new set code to FormatVintage exclusions list
  • Add new set code and date to legalities in Standard, Modern, and Frontier if applicable
  • Add new set code to appropriate block in indexer
  • Create new block format if applicable and add it to indexer and Format class
  • Update format tests
  • rake pennydreadful:update

Then import cards:

  • Run rake mtgjson:update to fetch mtgjson data and index it (this can fail if there are any mtgjson quality issues)
  • Run rake test and fix any tests failing due to data changes

Whenever banned and restricted list is announced:

  • Update BanlistTest and/or BanlistCommanderTest
  • Update Banlist data

Ban lists