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Elixir library for the API
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Learn about the Closeio API at

I ❤️, so if you have problems using the gem or would like to see support for new endpoints, please open a GitHub issue -- I'll get it resolved as quick as I can.

Fwiw, I also run -- a service for building automated email sequences using


ExCloseio is currently beta software. You can install it from Hex:

def deps do
  [ {:ex_closeio, "~> 0.0.6"} ]


For security, I recommend that you use environment variables for storing your account credentials. If you don't already have an environment variable manager, you can create a .env file in your project with the following content:

export CLOSEIO_API_KEY={{ your api key }}

Then, just be sure to run source .env in your shell before compiling your project.

Alternatively, you can set the following configuration variables in your config/config.exs file:

config :ex_closeio, closeio_api_key: System.get_env("CLOSEIO_API_KEY"),

Or you can pass the API key in with each request:

ExCloseio.Lead.find("lead_id_1234", "api_key_5678")


ExCloseio comes with module for each supported API resource. For example, the "Lead" resource is accessible through the ExCloseio.Lead module. Depending on what the underlying API supports, a resource module may have the following methods:

Method Description
all Get the first page of the resource.
paginate Load all of the resource items on all pages. Use with care!
find Find a resource given its id.
create Create a resource.
update Update a resource.
destroy Destroy a resource.

Supported Endpoints

ExCloseio currently supports the following Closeio endpoints:


# Get all the leads in the Lead endpoint. Be warned, this will block
# until all the pages of leads have been fetched.
leads = ExCloseio.Lead.paginate(
  %{query: "custom.current_system:paypal"},

# Get the first page. The meta variable is a map of paging information
# from
{:ok, leads} = ExCloseio.Lead.all

# Find a lead
{:ok, lead} = ExCloseio.Lead.find("lead_id_1234")

# Update a lead
lead = ExCloseio.Lead.update(lead, status: "cancelled")

# Destroy a lead


ExCloseio is licensed under the MIT license. For more details, see the LICENSE file at the root of the repository. It depends on Elixir, which is under the Apache 2 license.

CloseioTM is trademark of Elastic, Inc.

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