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A quine that plays snake over its own source!
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A quine that plays snake over its own source!

quinesnake gif

How to run it

The program compiles itself; to run it first make the source file executable (chmod +x quinesnake.cpp), then run it with ./quinesnake.cpp. It invokes g++ on itself and then starts the game.

The snake is controlled with w, a, s and d.

Note: some people have reported issues where the snake and food appear black in their terminals. This is likely due to the value of the environments TERM variable. You can try run the program with:

TERM=xterm-256color ./quinesnake.cpp

This will tell curses that your terminal supports the high-intensity colour range used by quinesnake.


This is the quine version that also compiles itself and plays snake over its own source. It requires:

  • libcurses
  • Some binary called g++ needs to exist (tested with GCC and Clang)
  • /bin/ls needs to exist and be executable


This version of the program isn't a quine and doesn't compile itself, but it has all of the basic game-playing logic that the real version has, plus it's commented and readable.

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