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Arabic root finder with neural nets!
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Arabic Rootfinder

A fun little project to play with Jupyter Notebooks, Scikit-learn, and neural nets with Keras.

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To train a neural network to learn Arabic morphology.


  • Scripts for data mining
  • Starter data
  • 3 iterations of the model:, and is named weird, but it just means we are more intelligent about tracking words that are "mabniyy", or undeclined.

It's not very accurate (about 50%) so it's pretty addictive to work on. Surely, someone, somewhere, has done this better, but we aren't solving world hunger here, just having some nerdy fun.

Pull requests welcome :)

Sample output

The below output is from, which has Latinization in the display stage in Buckwalter mode.

Missed.  Input: التراجع (AltrAjE).     Answer: رجع (rjE).    Predicted: ررع (rrE).
Missed.  Input: المركزية (Almrkzyp).   Answer: ركز (rkz).    Predicted: ررك (rrk).
Missed.  Input: القوائم (AlqwA}m).     Answer: قوم (qwm).    Predicted: ققم (qqm).
Missed.  Input: متسلسلة (mtslslp).     Answer: سلسل (slsl).  Predicted: سسلل (ssll).
Correct. Input: جاسوس (jAsws).         Answer: جسس (jss).
Correct. Input: مجدداً (mjddAF).       Answer: جدد (jdd).
Correct. Input: تنْويت (tnowyt).       Answer: نوت (nwt).
Missed.  Input: المحتوى (AlmHtwY).     Answer: حوا (HwA).    Predicted: حوح (HwH).
Correct. Input: رزمة (rzmp).           Answer: رزم (rzm).
Correct. Input: حامل (HAml).           Answer: حمل (Hml).
Correct. Input: يتوسطه (ytwsTh).       Answer: وسط (wsT).
Correct. Input: رفع (rfE).             Answer: رفع (rfE).
Correct. Input: احتياطي (AHtyATy).     Answer: حوط (HwT).
Missed.  Input: الاسم (AlAsm).         Answer: سما (smA).    Predicted: سسم (ssm).
Correct. Input: حرارة (HrArp).         Answer: حرر (Hrr).
Missed.  Input: التزاوج (AltzAwj).     Answer: زوج (zwj).    Predicted: وزز (wzz).
Correct. Input: دُوَلي (duwaly).       Answer: دول (dwl).
Missed.  Input: لمورد (lmwrd).         Answer: ورد (wrd).    Predicted: ممر (mmr).
Correct. Input: إحصاء (<HSA').         Answer: حصا (HSA).
Missed.  Input: كمومي (kmwmy).         Answer:  ().          Predicted: كمم (kmm).
Correct. Input: قائمة (qA}mp).         Answer: قوم (qwm).
Correct. Input: مراسم (mrAsm).         Answer: رسم (rsm).
Correct. Input: هاتف (hAtf).           Answer: هتف (htf).
Correct. Input: مطمور (mTmwr).         Answer: طمر (Tmr).
Correct. Input: رقعة (rqEp).           Answer: رقع (rqE).
Correct. Input: حاسوبي (HAswby).       Answer: حسب (Hsb).
Missed.  Input: للترقية (lltrqyp).     Answer: رقا (rqA).    Predicted: لقق (lqq).
Missed.  Input: التوثيق (Altwvyq).     Answer: وثق (wvq).    Predicted: ووق (wwq).
Correct. Input: رئيسية (r}ysyp).       Answer: رءس (r's).
Missed.  Input: مستطيل (mstTyl).       Answer: طول (Twl).    Predicted: سول (swl).
Missed.  Input: ملف (mlf).             Answer: لفف (lff).    Predicted: ففف (fff).
Missed.  Input: مُقتطف (muqtTf).       Answer: قطف (qTf).    Predicted: ققط (qqT).
Correct. Input: خارطة (xArTp).         Answer: خرط (xrT).
Correct. Input: بالنفاذ (bAlnfA*).     Answer: نفذ (nf*).
Missed.  Input: المعطيات (AlmETyAt).   Answer: عطا (ETA).    Predicted: عطع (ETE).
Missed.  Input: الموعد (AlmwEd).       Answer: وعد (wEd).    Predicted: ومد (wmd).
Correct. Input: توفر (twfr).           Answer: وفر (wfr).
Correct. Input: مربع (mrbE).           Answer: ربع (rbE).
Correct. Input: عمليات (EmlyAt).       Answer: عمل (Eml).
Correct. Input: متصل (mtSl).           Answer: وصل (wSl).
Correct. Input: أعداد (>EdAd).         Answer: عدد (Edd).
Missed.  Input: نصفية (nSfyp).         Answer: نصف (nSf).    Predicted: نفو (nfw).
Missed.  Input: زرً (zrF).             Answer: زرر (zrr).    Predicted: زرا (zrA).
Correct. Input: مشروط (m$rwT).         Answer: شرط ($rT).
Missed.  Input: مكافِئ (mkAfi}).       Answer: كفء (kf').    Predicted: ككف (kkf).
Missed.  Input: يدمج (ydmj).           Answer: دمج (dmj).    Predicted: دمم (dmm).
Missed.  Input: طوب (Twb).             Answer: طوب (Twb).    Predicted: طبب (Tbb).
Correct. Input: مواصلات (mwASlAt).     Answer: وصل (wSl).
Correct. Input: طِبْقُ (Tiboqu).       Answer: طبق (Tbq).
Correct. Input: وراثية (wrAvyp).       Answer: ورث (wrv).
Missed.  Input: ضغط (DgT).             Answer: ضغط (DgT).    Predicted: ضطط (DTT).
Missed.  Input: الإنترنت (Al<ntrnt).   Answer:  ().          Predicted: دون (dwn).
Missed.  Input: الأشغال (Al>$gAl).     Answer: شغل ($gl).    Predicted: ششل ($$l).
Correct. Input: الأخبار (Al>xbAr).     Answer: خبر (xbr).
Correct. Input: تعريفات (tEryfAt).     Answer: عرف (Erf).
Correct. Input: الذاتي (Al*Aty).       Answer: ذوت (*wt).
Missed.  Input: لليمين (llymyn).       Answer: يمن (ymn).    Predicted: لين (lyn).
Correct. Input: إطلاق (<TlAq).         Answer: طلق (Tlq).
Missed.  Input: التفرّع (Altfr~E).     Answer: فرع (frE).    Predicted: قفع (qfE).
Missed.  Input: بُنية (bunyp).         Answer: بنا (bnA).    Predicted: بنن (bnn).
Missed.  Input: مكافئة (mkAf}p).       Answer: كفء (kf').    Predicted: كفف (kff).
Correct. Input: التطبيق (AltTbyq).     Answer: طبق (Tbq).
Correct. Input: توسيع (twsyE).         Answer: وسع (wsE).
Correct. Input: الإرسال (Al<rsAl).     Answer: رسل (rsl).
Missed.  Input: خلفية (xlfyp).         Answer: خلف (xlf).    Predicted: خلو (xlw).
Missed.  Input: الغابة (AlgAbp).       Answer: غيب (gyb).    Predicted: لبب (lbb).
Correct. Input: كسولة (kswlp).         Answer: كسل (ksl).
Correct. Input: عمودي (Emwdy).         Answer: عمد (Emd).
Correct. Input: يضاعف (yDAEf).         Answer: ضعف (DEf).
Correct. Input: خطاط (xTAT).           Answer: خطط (xTT).
Missed.  Input: متناهي (mtnAhy).       Answer: نهو (nhw).    Predicted: ننه (nnh).
Correct. Input: دقيقة (dqyqp).         Answer: دقق (dqq).
Correct. Input: مضافة (mDAfp).         Answer: ضيف (Dyf).
Correct. Input: الخدمة (Alxdmp).       Answer: خدم (xdm).
Missed.  Input: أو (>w).               Answer:  ().          Predicted: ووا (wwA).
Correct. Input: بديل (bdyl).           Answer: بدل (bdl).
Correct. Input: فوريه (fwryh).         Answer: فور (fwr).
Correct. Input: استمارة (AstmArp).     Answer: مور (mwr).
Correct. Input: عيًنة (EyFnp).         Answer: عين (Eyn).
Correct. Input: استخرج (Astxrj).       Answer: خرج (xrj).
Missed.  Input: الفحص (AlfHS).         Answer: فحص (fHS).    Predicted: ففف (fff).
Missed.  Input: الجلسة (Aljlsp).       Answer: جلس (jls).    Predicted: ججل (jjl).
Missed.  Input: باعث (bAEv).           Answer: بعث (bEv).    Predicted: بعع (bEE).
Missed.  Input: الانترنت (AlAntrnt).   Answer:  ().          Predicted: نون (nwn).
Missed.  Input: تناوبي (tnAwby).       Answer: نوب (nwb).    Predicted: ننب (nnb).
Correct. Input: تكرار (tkrAr).         Answer: كرر (krr).
Correct. Input: طول (Twl).             Answer: طول (Twl).
Missed.  Input: اكتشاف (Akt$Af).       Answer: كشف (k$f).    Predicted: ككف (kkf).
Missed.  Input: مع (mE).               Answer:  ().          Predicted: ععع (EEE).
Correct. Input: برمجية (brmjyp).       Answer: برمج (brmj).
Correct. Input: عُشري (Eu$ry).         Answer: عشر (E$r).
Missed.  Input: برتقالي (brtqAly).     Answer:  ().          Predicted: بقل (bql).
Correct. Input: زيارة (zyArp).         Answer: زور (zwr).
Correct. Input: تأشير (t>$yr).         Answer: اشر (A$r).
Missed.  Input: معالجة (mEAljp).       Answer: علج (Elj).    Predicted: علل (Ell).
Correct. Input: سرقة (srqp).           Answer: سرق (srq).
Missed.  Input: منتج (mntj).           Answer: نتج (ntj).    Predicted: نجج (njj).
Missed.  Input: ترقية (trqyp).         Answer: رقا (rqA).    Predicted: رقق (rqq).
Missed.  Input: البديهية (Albdyhyp).   Answer: بده (bdh).    Predicted: بدد (bdd).
Missed.  Input: المراجع (AlmrAjE).     Answer: رجع (rjE).    Predicted: ررع (rrE).
Missed.  Input: إيقاف (<yqAf).         Answer: وقف (wqf).    Predicted: ويف (wyf).
Correct. Input: لافتة (lAftp).         Answer: لفت (lft).
Correct. Input: حلقة (Hlqp).           Answer: حلق (Hlq).
Correct. Input: مراجعة (mrAjEp).       Answer: رجع (rjE).
Correct. Input: عكسية (Eksyp).         Answer: عكس (Eks).
Correct. Input: مخطط (mxTT).           Answer: خطط (xTT).
Correct. Input: أقراص (>qrAS).         Answer: قرص (qrS).
Correct. Input: مشهد (m$hd).           Answer: شهد ($hd).
Missed.  Input: العطب (AlETb).         Answer: عطب (ETb).    Predicted: عطع (ETE).
Correct. Input: خفيفة (xfyfp).         Answer: خفف (xff).
Missed.  Input: مبني (mbny).           Answer: بنا (bnA).    Predicted: بنن (bnn).
Missed.  Input: حركي (Hrky).           Answer: حرك (Hrk).    Predicted: حكك (Hkk).
Correct. Input: مكيف (mkyf).           Answer: كيف (kyf).
Missed.  Input: انصهار (AnShAr).       Answer: صهر (Shr).    Predicted: نصر (nSr).
Correct. Input: تهليل (thlyl).         Answer: هلل (hll).
Missed.  Input: إيداع (<ydAE).         Answer: ودع (wdE).    Predicted: ويع (wyE).
Correct. Input: الألفية (Al>lfyp).     Answer: الف (Alf).
Missed.  Input: أولا (>wlA).           Answer: اول (Awl).    Predicted: الل (All).
Correct. Input: فرع (frE).             Answer: فرع (frE).
Correct. Input: الذاكرة (Al*Akrp).     Answer: ذكر (*kr).
Correct. Input: رأسي (r>sy).           Answer: رءس (r's).
Missed.  Input: مواءمة (mwA'mp).       Answer: وءم (w'm).    Predicted: ووم (wwm).
Missed.  Input: الاموال (AlAmwAl).     Answer: مول (mwl).    Predicted: ومل (wml).
Correct. Input: جانب (jAnb).           Answer: جنب (jnb).
Correct. Input: احتقان (AHtqAn).       Answer: حقن (Hqn).
Missed.  Input: حقل (Hql).             Answer: حقل (Hql).    Predicted: حلل (Hll).
Missed.  Input: قتلة (qtlp).           Answer: قتل (qtl).    Predicted: قلل (qll).
Correct. Input: جدار (jdAr).           Answer: جدر (jdr).
Correct. Input: نافذة (nAf*p).         Answer: نفذ (nf*).
Missed.  Input: البوصة (AlbwSp).       Answer:  ().          Predicted: وصب (wSb).
Correct. Input: الصورة (AlSwrp).       Answer: صور (Swr).
Missed.  Input: هدف (hdf).             Answer: هدف (hdf).    Predicted: هفف (hff).
Correct. Input: مركَّب (mrka~b).       Answer: ركب (rkb).
Correct. Input: دوري (dwry).           Answer: دور (dwr).
Missed.  Input: السّطور (Als~Twr).     Answer: سطر (sTr).    Predicted: سسط (ssT).
Missed.  Input: غلط (glT).             Answer: غلط (glT).    Predicted: غلو (glw).
Score: 55.9%

How to use

Just install Jupyter Notebook and run jupyter notebook in this folder, and select one of the ipynb files.

Or click this button to open JupyterLab workspace on FloydHub: Run on FloydHub

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