A Babel plugin transform for diffHTML tagged template strings
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diffHTML Babel Plugin

Latest stable version: 1.0.0-rc.4

Build Status

Plugin for babel 6.x to enable tagged template compilation for diffHTML

This plugin transforms tagged template strings in your projects to diffHTML Virtual Tree's.

Note! This plugin has been built for use in Babel 6.x environments, and will not work with Babel 5.x ( deprecated) or older versions.*

How to install

npm i --save-dev diffhtml transform-tagged-diffhtml

How to use

Add the plugin to your package.json and update the plugin section in your .babelrc file. Or if your Babel settings are located inside the package.json - update the plugin section there.

You will then need to tag your diffHTML templates with the html function, examples below. This will only optimize tagged templates, allowing you to use the diffHTML runtime build avoiding runtime HTML parsing.

Example on a .babelrc file that will work with diffHTML:

  "plugins": ["transform-tagged-diffhtml"]

Write a View view.js:

// Render a div with dynamic children and onclick
function renderComponent(time) {
  diff.innerHTML(document.body, html`
    <button onclick=${e => renderComponent(new Date())}>Get time</button>

renderComponent(new Date());

Then compile it:

babel view.js -o view.es5.js

Specifying options

You can override three identifiers that are used within the transform:

  • tagName - The tagged template function name default is html.
  • createElement - The create element function default is diff.createElement
  • createAttribute - The create attribute function default is diff.createAttribute

Specifying the options in your .babelrc:

  plugins: [
    ["transform-tagged-diffhtml", {
      "tagName": "diff.html",
      "createElement": "createEl",
      "createAttribute": "createAttr"

How your source would look reflecting the options:

import {
  createElement as createEl,
  createAttribute as createAttr,
} from 'diffhtml';